Catching Up

60 Seconds With: Mike Ganley, '05

Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.

Degree: B.A. in political science with minors in psychology and religious studies

Current job: Attorney with Adams, Howell & Sizemore, P.A.

My best memory at Niagara is: rushing the court at HSBC Arena after the basketball team won the MAAC Tournament in 2005.

My favorite hangout was: Sharky’s.

The most important life lesson I learned at NU was: to get involved in as many activities as possible, and no matter how late you were out the night before, don’t ever sleep past 9 a.m.

The three words that describe me are: active, energetic, and patient.

My favorite part of my job is: that real estate law is less adversarial then other areas of law — the parties typically are on good terms and are more collaborative in getting a deal done.

I still want to learn how to: speak French.

Five random facts about me:

1. Since being licensed, I have appeared in courthouses in approximately one-quarter of North Carolina’s 100 counties.

2. I was an on-air correspondent for Fox Business Channel’s 2008 election coverage.

3. The town I lived in when I first moved to North Carolina was so small the only apartment available for me was in an elderly housing complex.

4. As a senator in NUSGA, I led the Class of 2005 delegation to two consecutive “Class of the Year” awards.

5. I lived in Clet Hall for three years … and I wasn’t in the theatre program. Weird.