On the Cover

Claudia Fleckenstein, Executive Assistant to the President

“Just barely six months after I started working with Father Levesque (and he prefers to say that I work with him and not for him), my dad passed away. I anticipated that Father would attend my dad’s wake, but I knew he was scheduled to be out of town on the day of the funeral. Father changed his plans so that he could attend, and when my mom learned about this, she asked Father Levesque to participate in the funeral and he readily agreed. I was surprised and very pleased.

“Most times when someone in the community learns that I work with Father, they respond with great enthusiasm that they know of Father or have met him and that he is ‘just wonderful!’ In fact, whenever I have been at a community event with Father, it is difficult for him to get to his table or finish his meal without being greeted by many.

“Father Levesque inspires me to excellence and service to everyone by example. In the 13 years that I have worked with him, he has never refused to listen to any student, parent, staff or community member, and works toward a positive outcome to any problem. Whenever any one of us individually, or as a department, asks for donations, Father Levesque always participates. My daughter is a teacher in an elementary school in an economically disadvantaged area in Tennessee that annually sponsors a Christmas store where students can buy a gift for their parents for a penny, nickel, dime — any amount they may have. The school asks for gently used items appropriate for an adult. I asked my colleagues in Alumni Hall to donate anything they might have and Father Levesque generously participated.

“In Alumni Hall, we are known for having a good supply of goodies. We tease Father that he personally keeps the local Kmart in business because he often comes to the office with several bags loaded with goodies. He readily admits that he prefers Kmart and was especially disappointed when their photo department closed.”