On the Cover

Dr. Bonnie Rose, Executive Vice President

“I have many favorite recollections on working with Father Levesque, stemming from the summer of 2002, when I was hired as the vice president for academic affairs at Niagara University.

“On campus visits prior to assuming my new role, I had noticed that there was no crucifix in my office. I mentioned this to my good friends Dr. Bernie Sylvester and his wife, Blanche, along with my preference for a more modern, abstract style. They offered to pick out a suitable item from their favorite religious store.

“When I next came to visit the campus, I was asked to stop by Father Levesque’s office. The first thing he said was: ‘I hear you are looking for a crucifix.’

“At that moment, Father Levesque did something I will never forget. He said, ‘I have a crucifix over my desk here that I think would work well in your office,’ and pointed to a beautiful, abstract work of art that had taken my breath away on previous visits. I protested, saying that this was simply too beautiful to move from his office. His response was: ‘Look around us. I have a crucifix or icon on every wall. I think I could bring something more “cheerful” from my room to hang over my desk.’ With that simple gesture, the issue was decided.

“The next time I came to the campus the crucifix, which turned out to be an original work of art by Salvador Dali, had been installed on a very prominent wall in my office. From that point on, it served as a constant reminder of the warm welcome I had been given by Father Levesque, and of the faith and heritage that are the heart of what makes NU so special.

“True to his word, Father Levesque installed a very cheerful painting on the wall over his desk. Whenever I am in his office, it also has served as a perfect example of Father Levesque’s gener-osity, his sensitivity, and his instinct for seizing on moments that can make a difference in the lives of others.”