On the Cover

Dr. David Taylor, Director, The Rev. Joseph L. Levesque, C.M., Institute for Civic Engagement

“My fondest memory of Father Levesque goes back some years now.

“We were having dinner one night with Mike Skowronski, and I asked Father what he would like his legacy at Niagara to be. The question caught him off-guard a bit, and he actually didn't have an answer–– and that is because he doesn't think so much in those terms. So the question sort of went by the wayside. Then, a couple of years later, out of the blue –– and not long after we had celebrated our 150th anniversary –– he brought it back up to me and reminded me that I had once asked him about what he thought he would like his legacy to be. He wondered if I remembered. I remembered like it was yesterday. And he said to me, if he could put NU in a position to be an even stronger Catholic and Vincentian place for the next 150 years ... then he thought that would be a wonderful legacy to leave.

“I thought it was wonderful, simple, and spoke to the heart of who we are as a university and as a community. Our roots. Catholic, Vincentian.”