On the Cover

Dr. Debra Colley, Dean of the College of Education

“Leadership has no boundaries … and perhaps no border! Father Levesque taught us that the attributes of a leader can transcend the international border when he engaged our extended educational community to create Niagara University in Ontario. He was with us every step of the way as we undertook the comprehensive process of reviews, assessments, accreditations, and consents. He connected the impact of the Vincentian community, beginning with the Rev. John J. Lynch, C.M., co-founder of Niagara University before becoming coadjutor bishop of Toronto, from our Lewiston campus to the greater Toronto area. His commitment to extending the influence of Niagara University throughout the province and to supporting all that we do with our students, alumni, faculty, and partners enabled us to offer full programs in education under the authority of a comprehensive university operating with Ministerial Consent and accreditation through the Ontario College of Teachers.

“Since this journey began, we have held six commencement ceremonies in Toronto, graduating more than 1,000 students from Niagara University in Ontario. We enjoy a spirit of collaboration with the Ontario College of Teachers and earned the respect of the Archbishop of Toronto for our service in strengthening the community by empowering those who will be entrusted to teach. Our partnerships with the P-12 district school boards, the Catholic community, and the communities served by our students and faculty are testament to Father’s vision for university-community engagement.

“Many have witnessed Father’s genuine care and concern for others, his servant leadership, and his remarkable ability to engage others across the spectrum of issues affecting those most in need –– but to bring this legacy of a university leader, a president who believes in the influence of education, to our newly formed Niagara University in Ontario is absolutely unmatched. It has been my pleasure to work with and learn from Father Levesque.”