On the Cover

Dr. Sharon Watkinson, Chair and Professor of Theatre and Fine Arts

“My friendship with Father Joe goes back to 1970 when he first came to Niagara. As ‘young,’ new faculty members, we bonded. In those days, all departmental offices were housed in Alumni Hall, where we became one big happy family. Father Joe was present at my marriage to Andrew in 1976. Twenty-five years later, he celebrated Mass as Andrew and I renewed our marriage vows. He was there for me when my mother passed away, my father passed away, and my beloved Andrew passed away. Father Joe has been there for me in times of joy, celebration, rites of passage, educational progression (he was the first to challenge me to finish the Ph.D.), sorrow and loss. Father Joe was there throughout the journeys of life, not only for me but also for many, many other friends whose lives he has touched. Father Joe is truly ‘a man for all seasons,’ as well as a man for all cycles of life. As Shakespeare said, ‘O brave new world, That has such people in’t.’”