On the Cover

Dr. Shawn Daly, Dean of the College of Business Administration

“Speaking as a relative newcomer to NU (I am in my second year), I have fewer stories than most about Father Levesque. In a short period of time, his leadership style and substance are part of my own conscious development. He exemplifies the importance of making and reinforcing personal connections with depth. It’s an uncommon feeling that Father engenders through a genuine warmth and fatherly charm. Yet he balances his consciousness of other people’s personal life and existence with attention to detail in our professional lives. Perhaps the most obvious example of this for me (or anyone who has sat through a public dining event partnered with Father Levesque) is the genuine power of listening he dedicates to such public events. Learning, understanding, engaging, Father is always developing new and existing relationships. But at the same time, he makes a thorough and running critique in detail of food, service, schedules, planning, etc. This ability to simultaneously build personal empathy while maintaining a focus on operational excellence is what I would love to emulate — and realize I will miss when he is not part of our normal workday existence.”