On the Cover

Dr. Timothy Ireland, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

“I did not know Father Levesque when he was appointed president here at Niagara University. However, since his inauguration, I have interacted with him as a faculty member, as a Niagara University Lay Teacher’s Association officer, and as a friend. He has been a wonderful man to work for and to work with; and has displayed compassion, concern, and dedication during his tenure as president.

“One recent example occurred at an admissions event on a Saturday morning. Father Levesque arrived at the Castellani Art Museum, where the potential students were congregating. I saw him walk into the building and approached him, jokingly asking if he was showing up for the free food. He responded that the free food was not the draw to the CAM that morning. Instead, he was there to talk to a family that had recently experienced a devastating loss. His objective was to reach out to the family members, offer his support, and help them negotiate the process of admissions and financial aid at Niagara University.

“This small act of consideration from the president to a prospective student on a Saturday morning captures, in totality, my perception of Father Levesque. This action, and hundreds like it, taken by Father Levesque over the course of his career is what draws people to him. He is a kind and considerate man, he has led by example, and he has had a profound impact on my career. Niagara University is a better place and I’m a better person because of Father Joseph Levesque.”