Alumni Notes

Fond Memories

Jerry Nashel, M.S. ’76 (far right), sent in this photo from a year-end appreciation dinner held for student staff in 1976. Jerry was a resident assistant on the seventh floor of O’Shea Hall during the 1975-76 academic year. Some of his fond memories include painting a “Seventh Heaven” mural on the wall across from the elevator; false fire alarms; having his door “pennied,” (four pennies were glued to his doorjamb); and water wars. If you have a “Fond Memory” to share, send it to Lisa McMahon, editor, at

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Mark Caloza, ’82; Victoria C. Omeltchenko; Mary Deegan Egan, ’84; Isabel Menendez, ’80; Terri (Abrams) Connor, ’83, and Mary Beth (Sowers) O’Brien, ’80, who helped to fill in the blanks about the “Fond Memories” photo published in the November/December 2010 issue of the Eagle. The picture was from the freshman orientation parade, an annual event that helped to welcome incoming freshmen to the Niagara University community. Each year, teams of students would dress up in outfits corresponding to the theme of the parade and walk from the campus to the Falls along Route 104. Residents who lived along the way would set up chairs on their front lawns to watch the festivities and cheer on the students. Later that evening, a party was held to award prizes to teams for creativity, spirit, and enthusiasm. While the parade is no longer a part of the orientation activities, new students participate in a convocation, a sports day carnival and barbeque, and enjoy a fireworks display as part of their welcome to the campus.