News from the Nest
Written by: Frank Fiannaca, '85

From the NUAA President

Dear alumni and friends,

Wow, another stellar performance! 2017 was a year of increases: The number of alumni chapters increased to 33, and the number of chapter leaders and volunteers increased to more than 90.

With the support of Derek Wesley’s crew and Christine O’Hara’s leadership, we’ve had a record year in fundraising, as well. The fiscal year ended on May 31, and, as of this writing, we have raised $2.17 million; $746,000 more than in fiscal year 2016, and $1.107 million more than in fiscal year 2015. I think even the original Vincentians would be proud of that accomplishment.

We could not have attained this success without the following: powerful leadership from Father Maher, making the message loud and very, very  clear; great support from the Gacioch Center and the Alumni Association; a great team of chapter leaders and volunteers around the globe who work diligently to evangelize our mission to our wonderful alumni; and lastly, YOU, the more than 32,000 alumni of Niagara University. Thank you for making Niagara special while you were here, and for your generous giving now that you have graduated, which ensures that Niagara will continue to welcome future generations of Purple Eagles!