Catching Up

Hacker Cup

Members of classes spanning the ‘70s and ‘80s gathered in Rehoboth Beach, Del., for the annual Cliff J. Sharkey Invitational Golf Outing (aka Hacker Cup). Front row (l-r): Jim Bowe, ’74, Steve Pesarchick, ’81, Jim Danahy, ’74, and Bill Janowski, ’74. Back row (l-r): Bob Hoffman, ’74, Terry Sharkey, ’77, Cliff Sharkey, ’74, Bob Dann, ’83, Bob Wylie, ’74, Jim Sharkey, ’81, Jeff Dann, ’74, Tom Barbieri, ’75, M.S.Ed.’78, Dick Mavissakalian, ’74, Joe Masterson, ’75, Mario Alfonso, and Jim Hillery, ’74