Alumni Stories

Judge Robert G. Bogle, ’79: Making a Serious Contribution to the Law

It was the “Case of the Citified Chickens.” The defendant was a Frenchman who was raising the birds in his Valley Stream, N.Y., backyard. He claimed he was unaware that local law prohibited keeping chickens in the ...


Vanessa Barron, ’78: A Life of Service

Maybe if Vanessa (Houston) Barron, ’78, hadn’t been opening the mail that day in the guidance office of her high school in Philadelphia, she never would have seen the beautiful campus photos in the Niagara University ...


Veronica Cassidy Barry, ’89: Providing Relief in Sandy’s Wake

Superstorm Sandy is an emotional topic for Veronica Cassidy Barry, ’89, to talk about. After all, both her childhood home and the home of her sister, Sheila, ’93, in Belle Harbor, N.Y., were damaged during the storm ...