On the Cover

John Osberg, ’13

“My father used to bring my sister and me to Niagara during the summers often when we were younger and my mother was working, so I had the pleasure of interacting with Father Levesque prior to attending Niagara because he is a good family friend. It was when I became a student at Niagara that I really got to know Father on a more personal and professional level.

“Father Levesque’s legacy at Niagara will long be remembered for all of the great things that our school has become known for, such as academic excellence and a strong commitment to community service under Father's careful watch. Not only did Father oversee the direction of Niagara University for the last 13 years as our president, but he also touched the lives of many individuals at a more molecular level. I was lucky enough to be one of those individuals. I came to know Father as someone who is highly accessible and very helpful to students in ways that I never thought possible for someone as busy and important as he. On several occasions, I went to Father for advice regarding a variety of matters, and I feel so fortunate to have had his support during my collegiate career. One particular instance that I fondly remember was when I looked to Father for advice that pertained to a business project I was working on for one of my classes. The class project entailed the development of a comprehensive business plan for Niagara’s Honeymoon Sweets, a wonderful Niagara Falls-based chocolate company owned by Mary Ann Hess, who is a close friend of Father’s. Father’s insight and wisdom helped me to construct a proper business plan, and moreover, his friendship and his advice helped me to achieve the academic and personal successes that I have seen to date at Niagara and in life, and I cannot thank Father enough.

“By developing a close relationship with Father Levesque and some of Niagara’s administration, it allowed me to participate in rare opportunities such as assuming the role of student representative on executive search committees, at leadership summits and board of trustee meetings alongside Father. Our university has been so blessed for the last 13 years to have had a president who rolled up his sleeves and worked directly with students, exuding great patience and a willingness to help that ties back to Father’s roots as a former professor at Niagara. Many individuals and institutions are indebted to Father for his hard work and dedication over the span of his 40-year career, I know that I am. Also, I am so glad to know that Father will remain on Monteagle Ride as president emeritus for our university."