On the Cover

John T. Overbeck, ’75, Faculty Fellow

“When I think of Father Levesque, I think of a boss, a priest, a friend, and a leader. Many have written about his accomplishments, and they are numerous. But what I admire most about him is the way he leads; he is the definition of a compassionate leader. While leading the university through many difficult decisions, Father never lost sight of the fact that the university is about people and for people. Decisions made in the President's Office have many dimensions and consequences, but I'm certain that the impact on individuals is always a part of the process. That is a trait of a good leader.

“Father Levesque's legacy at Niagara University will be defined by the many accomplishments and improvements made during his presidency. His full impact to the university, however, can only be realized by understanding his humanity and his feelings toward the people of Niagara University and its surrounding community. Above all, Father Levesque is a true Vincentian.