Little Known NU

Little­ Known NU

In 1938, Varsity Village House 5 was known as Connecticut House, because it was financed by a gift of the Connecticut Chapter of the Niagara University Alumni Association. Over the years, it was renamed in memory of the Honorable George H. Kennedy, LL.D., of Buffalo, N.Y., a member of the Class of 1889.
Three of the other houses in the village were also named for alumni: House 2 is the Francis Sullivan House, a gift of the Right Reverend Monsignor Francis Sullivan, LL.D., of Albion, N.Y., Class of 1883; House 3 is the John L. Reilly House, in memory of Monsignor John L. Reilly, LL.D., of Schenectady, N.Y., Class of 1876; and House 4 is the Charles E. Duffy House, in memory of Monsignor Charles E. Duffy, LL.D., of Buffalo, Class of 1903.