On the Cover

Marsha Joy Sullivan, Niagara University Trustee

“I often speak of the incredible family that I have been blessed with and of the values instilled in us that were inspired in large part from my father’s association with his Vincentian friends. Important among those friends is our beloved Father Levesque.

“Dad was on the NU Board of Trustees during the time in his life that investments and hard work began to pay significant dividends and my parents were figuring it all out in the context of our family values. Influenced by Father Levesque and NU, Dad began to see a way that our family could participate in St. Vincent’s work. Just like Vincent, Dad understood that he could use all our family assets, both human and capital, to help the poor … this was Father Joe’s message.

“Joe counseled and encouraged Dad through this journey … and Dad was his protégé. He encouraged Dad’s instinct to speak always to values and mission during board deliberations. Father Joe continually gave testimony of students and families at NU that were inspired by the Vincentian mission … adding fuel to Dad’s fire of purpose and impact. Like any good mentor, he counseled and encouraged Dad to search for the mission in all business decisions. He taught him to develop his internal filter to emulate St. Vincent’s empathy and compassion for the poor. He gave him a way to achieve great purpose in his successful life.

“And now Father Levesque has done this all for me and for countless others. Through his gentle and authentic persona he has created quite a ‘following’ in our community. He is a man of intelligence and compassion with no airs or pretenses. His opinion is respected, advice followed, example emulated. He is the kind of man one learns from by watching … firm but kind … respectfully seeking input when contemplating decisions.

“Joe Levesque is a wise friend and mentor who has influenced two generations of our family and in doing so endeared us to him always. He is part of our family legacy and we are blessed.”