Niagara Bookshelf

Niagara Bookshelf

The following are some of the books available in the Niagara University library published by NU faculty members:

Being Faithful: Christian Commitment in Modern Society

Judith Merkle, SNDdeN, Ph.D.
Professor of Religious Studies

City of Shadows

Shannon Hodges
Associate Professor of Counseling

Conservative Realizations of Herglotz-Nevanlinna Functions

Eduard Tsekanovskii, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics

The Cost of Free Speech: Pornography, Hate Speech and Their Challenge to Liberalism

Abigail Levin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

The Madame

Shannon Risk, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History

The Problem of Negligent Omissions: Medieval Action Theories to the Rescue

Michael Barnwell, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Philosophy

Religion and Language in Post-Soviet Russia

Brian Bennett, Ph.D.
Chair and Associate Professor of Religious Studies