Catching Up

Nursing Alumni Council Awards, Clinical Excellence Award

Marcia M. Barnes began her career at Buffalo General Hospital immediately following her graduation from Niagara. After spending time there and at Veterans Administration Hospital, Marcia returned to Niagara in 1965, this time as a sophomore clinical instructor in the College of Nursing.

In 1968, she became a pharmacology instructor at Millard Fillmore Hospital’s School of Practical Nursing. Two years later, Marcia moved to Nardin Academy to serve as an educator, tasked with designing lesson plans in health education for students in grades four through eight. Her innovative curricula were regarded so highly that New York referenced them when instituting a statewide health ed program.

Beginning in 1988, Marcia volunteered her nursing services to assist retired adults in Ocala, Fla. She performed as a community health nurse for a decade, while also publishing articles in the local community newsletter and establishing an annual community health fair.

In 2010, Marcia returned to Monteagle Ridge once again, this time to launch a six-week educational seminar intended to heighten public awareness of the effects of diabetes on a person’s lifestyle.