Catching Up

Nursing Alumni Council Awards, Leadership Award

Since graduating cum laude from Niagara University and adding a master’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Margaret Campbell-Kotler has put her nursing education to great use. She began her career as a public health nurse in the Westchester County (N.Y.) Department of Health, where she focused on infant and child health. During this time, Margaret also lectured at Catholic University, Columbia Union College and Purdue University.

In 1987, she organized and delivered training programs on senior mental health and substance abuse recognition for the Montgomery County (Md.) Department of Health and Human Services. She was also instrumental in the passage of House Bill 559, which made it unlawful for a person to deprive a “vulnerable” adult of property through deception, intimidation or undue influence.

In 2008, Margaret was selected to manage the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center’s Office of Education in Richmond, Va., where she oversaw a national education program on traumatic brain injury. Earlier this year, she became the acting program manager for caregiver training and education in the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.