On the Cover

Rev. Louis Trotta, C.M. Former Assistant to the President for Alumni Relations

“I was the director of the prep seminary (St. Joseph’s) in Princeton N.J., and Father Levesque was one of my young standout students. I appointed him to be my personal secretary, which was quite a prestigious appointment for a young collegian. One of his secretarial duties was to send out 400 Christmas letters to my ‘adoring’ friends (his words!). In later years, as president of Niagara, he never ceased telling everyone how he had to lick 400 postal stamps and 400 envelopes, which completely ‘dehydrated’ him (again, his words!).

“Too bad, he later taunted me, that I forgot to be nice to someone who was on the way up (he was provincial of the Vincentians, had a doctorate in moral theology from Catholic University, was religious superior of our prep seminary in Princeton, and dean and president at Niagara University, where he had thousands of adoring friends and colleagues) since I was surely to meet him on the way down!”