On the Cover

Robert Dwyer, ’65, Chair Emeritus, Board of Trustees

“When I think of Father Levesque, I think of a quiet game changer. Looking back, there isn’t one specific thing that he did, but through his leadership, and his love of the university, he was able to bring stability to the university.

“And his presidential success came at a difficult time. We had to turn things around. Niagara was struggling with enrollment and fundraising. We had to bring the alumni back into the fold.

“Father Joe was able to work with the faculty, and the students embraced him. And he was able to go out and raise money like the university never had before. He may have been a bit reluctant in the fundraising realm initially, but he was successful, and he became more comfortable with that role.

“And throughout his tenure, Father’s calm leadership was always apparent. He didn’t waver, and he didn’t overreact to any situation. He would always listen intently, and assess every issue, and then would set the course for the university to move forward.

“Once while we were traveling together to an alumni event in Florida, my car broke down on the Florida turnpike. As you would expect from Father, he remained calm while the car was serviced, and we made it to the alumni event … a little late, but we got there. He may have been upset on the inside, but I appreciated his calm demeanor at that moment.”