On the Cover

Sema Shepard, Former Campus Postmistress

“Father Levesque and I have been friends since he arrived at Niagara in 1970, and I can honestly say his personality has not changed in all these years. When he arrived at Niagara, he formed friendships with the 3 S's (Shirley Martin, Sharon Watkinson, and me) and these friendships are as strong as ever.

“Soon after his arrival at NU, he founded the ‘Faculty Club’ to promote social interaction among employees. Other officers were Marilyn Fleckenstein, Sharon Watkinson and me. For years, this organization sponsored successful ‘happy hours,’ dinners, Christmas parties, etc.

“Father Levesque always loves a good party. Currently, he celebrates his birthday for the entire month of September.

“Father Levesque has made a significant positive impact on Niagara and we are all fortunate that he has chosen to remain here.”